The Indian civilization is not only a great cultural system, but also an immense religious effort of the human spirit. A spiritual aspiration was the governing force of this culture, its core of thought, and its ruling passion. So, the origin and development of the architecture and sculptural art arises in India from conditions and necessities quite different from those prevailing in other countries, or other forms of culture.

Silpavidya Rahasyopanishad a revered text of Viswakarmas pronounces that, "Spirituality is the secret of art". The appeal of the Indian art is not to the eye or to the mind through eye, but to the soul through the eye and mind. India art has never been content with the minor realities of sensation and major realities of emotion but has striven to find the supreme realities of the spirit. The Indian temples are the signs and visible forms of the architectural self-expression of an ancient spiritual and religious culture.

The Viswakarma Institute of Sacred Architecture is a unique institution founded by Sri.K.P.Veezhinatha Acharya and Sri. K.P.Umapathy Acharya both brothers are hail from the illustrious family of Veda and Silpa Sastra - Vastu Sastra scholars, Temple-architects and sculptors, with a vision to explore, enhance and preserve the ancient sacred architecture, iconography and painting of India.
University of Madras, Department of Sanskrit, Chennai.
National Seminar on Agamas - in Theory and Practice. 28 - 30 January 2009.
Topic : Agamas and Silpa Sastras.