Acharya Lecture to Design Students
16th July 2012
The Great Heritage of Cholas - Seminar
2nd June 2012
Sri Sri Sri Sukgana Maha Prabhu Swami Visit
Sri Sri Sri Sukgana Maha Prabhu Swami Bhagavat Padal of Sri Viswa Brahma Maha Samasthan Mutt,Chikka Arakkalakudu, Karnataka has graced the Baktas of Kumbakonam. His Holiness has visited Sri K P Umapathy Acharya, Sri.K.P.Veezhinatha Acharya's studio.
14th March 2012

Nation Seminar on Temple Architecture at Kumbakonam
Feb 26-27, 2012
The topics are : Sthapati K.P.Umapathy Acharya had presented a paper on Temple Architecture.
French Tv
25th Feb 2012
French documentry film make Mr.Claude interviewed Sri.Acharya brothers at Kumbakonam. Wide range of questions about temple construction, symbolism, vedic cosmology were answered.
National seminar on Sri Varaha Swamy at Mysore.
Organized by Karnataka State Archaeology, Government of Karnataka And Academy of Sanskrit Research, Mysore.
19th Feb 2012
Sthapathy K P Umapathy Acharya presented a paper on Sri Varahaswamy iconography and iconometry.
Tamil Heritage Group
Site Seminar - Pudukkottai
27th to 30th Jan 2012
Sthapathy K P Umapathy Acharya explains the intricate aspects of Architecture at Moovarkoil temple.

Archarya's Visit to Pattadakkal Standing near Sri Sarvasiddhi Archarya's Inscription
2nd April 2011
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
Amritapuri Campus
04th Jan 2012
K.P.Umapathy Acharya delivered a lecture about " Temple Architecture -Sacred space,symbolism and Vedic cosmology"
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) - Chennai.
AICTE Short Term Training Programme
On Structural Restoration of Historical Monuments
Participants: Faculty members of Engineering colleges & IIT (Chennai)
04th Jan 2012
Sthapathy K.P.Umapathy Acharya had delivered a lecture about Temple foundations and strectures.

Tamil Heritage Trust
Tamil Heritage Kachcheri
Raga Sudha Hall, Mylapore, Chennai.
25th Dec 2011.
Honour to Sthapati K. P. Umapathy Acharya - Acharya Speaks about " Sacred Art Tradition".

Indian Institute of Architects
Trichy Centre
22nd November 2011.
Sthapati K.P.UmapathyAcharya - Lectured about " Vedic Architecture"

TEDx Stella Maris College
Stella Maris College, Chennai-600086, India
10th Sept 2011
TEDx Talk by Sthapati K.P.Umapathy Acharya - " Sacred Architecture: Indian Temple architecture Tradition".
Stone Sculpures
Sri.K.P.Veezhinatha Acharya, makes detailed drawings and explains the designs and concepts to sculptors from Orissa.
11th July 2011.

Vedas and Temple Architecture
All India Veda Sammelan
Sastra University
5th July 2011.

Ugadi Festival at Sri Komatisware and Sri Kalikamba Temple
Sirshangi, Karnataka
Felicitation to KP Umapathy Acharya
3rd Apr 2011
Madras. 19/10/1995
Dear Brother Sri. Umapathy,
It is very good of you to attend along with your brother for the First National Seminar on Viswakarma Sahitya Academy held at Udupi on 15th instant accepting our invitation. Your speech in the academy was thought provoking and thereby you proved beyond doubt that you are the son of illustrious scholarly father. My congratulations.

The secretary,
Akhila Bharata Sahitya academy, Madras.